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When you’re choosing a dance studio for your children, you want to make sure they’ll receive the best training and care–we totally understand! Our staff is always available to answer specific questions you have about our dance studios, classes, competition teams, or anything else related to our facilities. Below we have included some common questions we receive from potential dance students and their parents.

Why are observation cameras only turned on the first week of each month?

We turn observation cameras on the first full week of each month from September-March each year. Typically dance studios have “observation week” every six or eight weeks and parents have to come inside the classroom to watch. We feel this can be distracting to the dancers, and parents do not get a true feel of how their child is progressing.

By turning the cameras on every month, parents can easily see that their dancer has improved, as opposed to seeing every week, when it is more difficult to actually see the progression. We leave the cameras off between April to the recital, so that parents will get excited to see their dancer’s recital routine!

Does my tuition change based on the number of classes each month?

No. Tuition is the same every month and is based on the annual number of classes we schedule for your dancer – including one week we build into the schedule for inclement weather. If dancers miss more than one class due to inclement weather closings, we schedule makeup classes closer to recital time. But, tuition is the same for every month. Some months will have three classes, some may have five, and it balances out by the end of the year.

Are there makeup classes if my dancer misses due to illness or being out of town?

From September-January, if your dancer misses a class, he/she can make that class up by attending a later scheduled class of the same age and style at either location. You must let us know in advance of the wish to attend a makeup class so we can make sure room is available that week in class.

Once instructors begin their recital choreography in February each year (Feb-June) makeup classes are not an option.

How many dancers are in each class?

Class size varies depending on the style, age, and instructor. We limit each class registration to a size that is optimal for dancers to learn and get the attention they deserve. Most, if not all, young classes have both a qualified lead instructor and an assistant in each class.

What happens if my child decides he/she does not want to dance anymore?

We require a written notification of intent to discontinue a class (as many classes have a waiting list). Until we receive written notification of intent to discontinue class, you are still charged the monthly tuition. We recommend that you give 30 days’ notice or at least finish the month.

Is there an additional recital fee?

No, there is no additional recital fee. It is already included in your monthly tuition. You get 5 tickets to each recital your dancer is in, a recital program book with dancers’ pictures, and a trophy.

Where is recital, and does my dancer have to be at all four shows?

The recitals are at Williams Auditorium at Winston-Salem State University (conveniently located near the I-40 and Hwy. 52 interchange). Each class is in one of the four recitals and has one on-site dress rehearsal the week before the show. We post which class is in which recital when we post the recital theme and costume photos in mid-January each year.

Why do we have to pay for costumes so early? And, are the fees refundable?

Costume orders are placed while the dancers are out for holiday break in December. It can take up to 12 weeks to receive the costumes once they are ordered. We want to try and allow plenty of time for costumes to come in before class pictures in April/May. (We also order a “late” batch of costumes in early February for those who paid late or enrolled late but these costumes are not guaranteed to be here in time for picture day.)

Costume fees are not refundable, as costume companies do not refund fees to us once the order is placed. We will not place a dancer’s costume order if their costume is not paid in full, and their tuition account is not current.

Do boys wear costumes too?

For the boys’ hip hop we try to buy an “outfit” rather than a costume… something that fits a boys’ hip hop class, without looking like a “costume.” For all other styles, we contact the parent directly regarding what their male dancer should wear for recital.

How do I know what my child’s recital costume looks like?

In mid-January each year we post the recital theme and a picture of all recital costumes on our info board and members section of our website so parents and dancers can see what their costumes look like.

Do you have a year end recital? If so, is it required?

We have our annual recital in late May/early June each year. Dancers are encouraged – but not required – to participate. Those who participate purchase a recital costume for each class they are in for the recital (generally about $60). Combo classes and jazz/tap classes use the same costume for both routines.

Do you follow the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County or Guilford County School calendars?

Not always. Because Dancers Edge has students from nine different school systems (plus Private schools), we set our own calendar of scheduled closings at the beginning of the year.

For inclement weather, we use our best judgment to decide whether to open or delay and post that on our website.

If you have any other questions regarding our dance studio,
feel free to reach out to us by phone or email.