Dancers Edge is one of the highest ranking competition studios in the nation. Your competition or pre-professional dancer will receive high quality, professional training at our dance studio. They won’t get that level of instruction anywhere else in the Triad. We train diverse, well-rounded, technically sound dancers who are prepared to take on anything in the future, specifically anything dance related!

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2024 – 2025 AUDITIONS

Jonestown Road location

Competition Team Auditions are Aug. 9-11, 2024 – dancers attend all three days.

Competitive Teams    Part-Time Teams    Hip Hop only Teams

Ages 6-19

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Competition Dance Team Audition Process

We have worked hard to become the most award-winning dance studio in the Triad. But, – more importantly – is our reputation for professionalism and the respect we have earned from our peers in the industry. We have been one of the top 50 dance studios in the nation for the past five years and have won more national titles than any other Triad dance studio!

We know every studio is different… set a time to come see for yourself if Dancers Edge is the right fit for your dancer.

When: Competition team auditions are once per year, in August. We can make special arrangements for any dancer out of town during the scheduled audition. Just email us!

Where: Both locations audition the same weekend at the Jonestown Road facility.

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Dancers Edge competition team auditions are structured to find the perfect fit for dancers who are right for our teams. Dancers spend two days in the classroom, taking a myriad of styles and learning numerous combinations. Then, on day three, we have dancers perform what they have learned in small groupings. At that point in the process we are looking for what the dancer knows, how they have grown over the weekend, attitude and work ethic, etc. to see if placement on teams is a good fit. Structuring this way, we do not penalize a dancer for skills they do not know, and they are not required to have a specific skillset to join teams. We look to grow each dancer on a unique path that benefits them best!

Our team dancers are held to a high level of expectation, and our in house staff teach not only dance skills, but valuable life lessons every dancer carries with them through life. Diversity is key at Dancers Edge, and we train dancers in many styles, with many in house and guest artists and access to more guest choreographers than any other dance studio in NC and the Southeast!

Whether you are new to competition teams, or coming from another studio, it is natural to have questions about Dancers Edge competition teams. Please do not hesitate to email us at if you have questions or want additional information. All emails are kept confidential.

Structured Training

Through structured training by the best choreographers and guest artists in North America, we’re proud to be able to mold young minds into accomplished dancers. In addition to honing their dance technique, our dancers learn time management, good sportsmanship, teamwork, self-respect, positive body image, and more!

We have competition dance teams for dance students ages 6-18 and even have a pre-competition team starting at the age of 5 for those who think they want to compete in the future.

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Lasting Benefits

A properly trained dancer can use their training for anything from college scholarships to a professional career in dance. Whether or not they decide to pursue dance in the future, the skills they will learn as a part of our dance competition teams will benefit them for years to come.

In a world where someone else’s perception of “perfect” is constantly placed in front of our children, we focus on healthy mind and body, which benefits everyone, no matter what their future holds!

Our studios are respected in the dance industry as professional and highly qualified.

Dancers Edge is the most award-winning dance studio in the Triad area.
Let your dancers train with the best of the best!

   Highest scoring routine out of 2500+ dances at numerous competitions

2020 Only East Coast Studio invited to dance on Jojo Siwa new Siwa Dance Pop Revolution TV Show

 2003-2022 National Champions

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020  Most award winning studio in the Triad (National Championships)

2009-2022 Recognized by Industry Dance Awards and Federation of Dance Competitions as one of the top studios in the nation

Recognized the past five years as one of the top 50 dance studios in the nation

Best of Winston-Salem Dance Company by the U.S. Commerce Association

Owner Cathy-Lee Hambright Ward has been recognized as Community Dance Educator of the Year

Dancers Edge has been recognized by Dancer Magazine as the studio with the “Best Technique” in the nation.

We do offer alternate audition options for those who absolutely cannot attend our August auditions.
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