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Drew Davis

Drew Davis

Drew is from Winston Salem NC. He began his dance journey at the age of nine, starting at a small studio where his sister also danced. His first dance teacher was a former NYC Ballet Member. Under her guidance his love of ballet progressed and he eventually auditioned for the UNCSA high school program. Before and after graduating from there in 2006 he had the opportunity to perform in literally hundreds of shows with full costumes, makeup staff, stagehands, and many tines a live orchestra.

During that time he gained insightful knowledge into many other disciplines like set design/construction, costuming, wigs and makeup, music, choreography and more! Drew then went on to be a trainee at Ballet Austin. His career path was on a fast track until he broke his ankle shortly after starting his training in Austin. Although not the path he had planned, it did bring him back to North Carolina where, after healing, he began his career as an instructor.

STYLES: Ballet, leaps & turns, contemporary