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Thank you for a wonderful year at Dancers Edge. A year ago we were looking for a new studio for our girls which would be the right winning combination of instruction, support and a positive “family-like” environment with a focus on basic courtesy and respect. We are so glad we found it at Dancers Edge. Our girls have improved so much as dancers and as parents, we have always felt welcome and part of the family. Thanks to all the staff for their professionalism and dedication to our children. We truly appreciate it. We are already looking forward to next year!

Thanks for a wonderful year. You guys work so hard to make DE a wonderful studio. We look forward to another great year!

So proud to know and work with you two talented and professional work ethic Super Sisters... :-)
Michele, Coca-Cola

DE has made our year the best ever!!!!!!! Everyone here is so wonderful to be around. Christy and Cathy-Lee and all the teachers are so wonderful. If it wasn't for each of you [my daughter] would have stopped dancing and given up on what she loves to do. But you all gave her back her self esteem and love for dance. Thank you so much.

Thanks for all you do [our dancer] has grown exponentially as a dancer and as a young lady since coming to the studio.

I wanted to let you know that Dancers Edge is the best dance studio out there. [My daughter] has taken dance from three others (2 in Greensboro and 1 in Kernersville). I have been very pleased with all that you do and look forward to many more years with you!

We were recently at the NC State Dance Championships and met a lot of your parents and dancers. Your routines were truly spectacular! I am writing to tell you that I am so impressed with the way your parents and students carry themselves. I know that a studio that is as extraordinary as yours, could present themselves [in a cocky manner] but the students as well as parents were so nice and respectful and as a [studio owner], I really appreciate that and wanted to thank you. It's not often you meet a studio that is fantastic and humble at the same time and I just wanted to let you know. The level of technique that your students possess is amazing! Thank you for your time and I wish your studio the very best!
Lindsay (owner of a dance studio in NC)

WOW!!! You guys were AMAZING this weekend. I loved EVERYTHING I saw and thought the choreography, technique, staging and costumes were outstanding. CONGRATS! I see a BIG winning season ahead for Dancers Edge!! Hope to see you guys perform again soon!! Keep me posted on your season. You have [routines] that could easily win national titles!!!
LO (Email from the parent of a competition dancer from another studio)

You guys are always so thoughtful and it’s a major factor in what sets DE apart from other studios!

I just wanted to say thank-you to you, Christy, and to Cathy-Lee for making [my daughter] feel so welcome and comfortable as one of the newest members of the competition team. [My daughter] was a great little cheerleader, and it was difficult to leave that behind. However, last year she was often nervous and irritable, and now she is a happy little girl again. Last weekend when I picked her up from rehearsal [at Dancers Edge] she said, "That was so much fun. I never wanted it to end." As parents, we are often faced with difficult decisions (especially when you have [multiple] children). It is nice to know that this time, we got it right. Good luck on the upcoming competitive season. We are thrilled to be a part of the Dancers Edge family.

Being new to this type of thing, I didn't realize how fortunate we were to have found Dancers Edge as our studio. [My son’s] first competition was so full of encouragement from you and Cathy Lee, the instructors, the parents and fellow dancers. It was really heartfelt, sincere and so supportive. I overheard Kentrell huddling with [my son’s] group about his expectations … which were for the group to have fun and enjoy themselves! That made me feel like we really found the right place and I understand why [my son] loves dance so much. Watching the Dancers Edge choreography and costumes was also enlightening. I loved the creativity and story telling and was happy that I could be proud to be from Dancers Edge. Of course, I have always been impressed by the communication, scheduling and billing, but probably took it a bit for granted until I started hearing stories about how other studios communicate. We truly are thankful for you guys!

I have been amazed this past year at DE and can only imagine what the future holds for the studio! The sky is the limit. I have had MANY compliments on [my daughter] and had so many people who know her tell us how "confident" and "sure of herself” she has become ... to be honest, the past two years she has spent at DE have changed her shy, unsure personality into a very bright and confident little girl. I can honestly say that the instructors, Cathy-Lee, Kentrell and her peers have had a BIG part in that! I LOVE DE!

We were so impressed by the recital. It was a fabulous event -- well planned and very entertaining. My husband and I had been forewarned by friends and co-workers that dance recitals are dreadful to experience. I have to say that we certainly don't feel that way about the DE recital experience. You did a very nice job planning the program - and the dance students and competition teams were simply amazing to watch. In order to keep [our daughter] dancing and give her some activities to enjoy … this summer, we enrolled in a dance camp at another studio. While [she] enjoyed it, she has made it abundantly clear that she wants to go back to "her school" and have Ms. Cathy-Lee as her teacher again. The opinion of a 3 1/2 year old may not matter to everyone, but to us, it's gold. We are not experts, but we really do like the relaxed but professional atmosphere of the DE studio. It's nice to see the progression of dance expertise evident in the recital. Thanks again for all you to do make dance meaningful and fun for our child. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

I am very thankful for the atmosphere at DE. My husband was very impressed with what he [has seen]. He impressed in how the kids were treated and how well they did. The studio we came from it was the owner's way or the highway. She only worked with those dancers that were on top. {Even if our daughter will] never be on that top level … DE makes sure she is just as important as that top dancer. [Our daughter] adores you. Cathy Lee you push those kids when they need it but in a very non threatening way … You have their respect and their admiration which is something that you should be very proud of.

The judges and owner of the [Showstopper] State Competition were staying here, as well as many of the competitors. They were all so beautiful looking. Me and some co-workers got so interested and were able to go by Sunday to catch [some of] the dances. We were so taken back. It was so beautiful. We smiled so big and we were ABSOLUTELY happy we came. Going through the results I’m seeing a lot of your dancers won, and I must say congrats. We loved all the dancers from your team... We would like to be kept up with when and if you guys have performances or shows. We would love to come and see you again!
Email from the Assistant Manager of Microtel Hotel in Thomasville, NC April, 2008

I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for us this year. We are very sad [that we are moving and will not] be able to return next year. Your studio is unlike any other we have seen. The Christian atmosphere, organization and talented teachers set your studio apart. You and Cathy-Lee are doing a great job and we were very proud to be associated with Dancers Edge. [My daughter] enjoyed dancing there very much and I really appreciate all the time you took and [your help] answering my endless questions. We can only hope to find a dance studio here that we will enjoy being a part of as much as we enjoyed Dancers Edge.

You guys have got it going on! … and I have to say that your kids are so nice and have been friendly to our kids … they have even been cheering for [us]. Congratulations!
Comment from the father of a dancer at a studio in Archdale, NC to one of our parents, after hearing they were from Dancers Edge while in a restaurant

I have never been so emotionally tied to a dance before. (with tears in his eyes)
Audience member at State Dance Championships, to a staff member of Dancers Edge after seeing one of our dances on stage

Thank you {Dancers Edge} ... I wish I had been as passionate about something when I was {my daughter’s} age ... I am so happy we found you! Thank you, thank you!

Where are you guys from!?!?...That is the most phenomenal dance I have ever seen at any competition!”
Parent of a dancer from a studio in Gastonia, NC to one of our staff members

God has got us here and we have such a great group of girls and guys to be thankful for. They love the challenge and to compete, but when it all come down to the wire they are the Dancers Edge and so proud of it!!! Thanks Christy and Cathy-Lee and all of our teachers that set such a good example for our children and give them this confidence that is going to be with them throughout their life. They are going to remember these times always. This is a good thing!!!

We too are so proud to be part of the Dancers Edge family. When we came over four years ago from another studio we were so worried that {our daughter} might not fit in or be happy…you know all those emotions girl go through. All along the way Christy, Cathy Lee and the entire staff have always done everything they could to make my girls feel welcome and comfortable. Dancers Edge is a shining and professional organization where young people can make live their passion and make their dreams come true!! Thank you so much for always doing everything you do above and beyond the rest. The EDGE is certainly the place to enter!

{My daughter} had a blast {this year}, she loved every minute of it! You guys really do an amazing job from setting up, to keeping everything going smoothly and quickly! The recitals were so much fun and so full of amazing talent, and the music was unbelievable, couldn't stop tapping and clapping, loved it all! You have an amazing dance studio along with the teachers {she} has had!! Thanks again for everything!

The recitals were great. The choreography really stands out from any other studios. {My daughter} has participated in many {recitals} throughout the years and this one is definitely above the rest. AF Great recital! You guys did an outstanding job!!

I just wanted to tell you how much my girls love dance again! Last year I had to make [my youngest daughter] go to dance in tears because she was ready to quit, and hated it at [another studio]. Then, we found Dancers Edge. My girls are the happiest they have ever been anywhere they have danced, and I am just amazed at how nice everyone is, how well things are organized, and how well our dancers do…without being put under a lot of pressure. Even picture day was stress free! Keep up the good work!

Dancers Edge is definitely on the map! I still am so amazed, enthralled, moved and thrilled!!! Unbelievable....the choreography, the dancers, the emotion, the scores, the recognition!!!! I can't say enough about how much you both mean to us...same goes for all of our Edge family. I am so happy and thankful that we are with DANCERS EDGE!!!! I really and truly appreciate ALL that you do, more than you know!! I just cannot imagine being with another studio, and [my daughter] would never have all of the amazing opportunities to grow and develop both as the dancer and young woman that she is turning into unless we were with DE!!! You all are more of my family to me than most of my regular family!!!

The Dancers Edge family is definitely what we would like to be a part this upcoming season [2008-2009]. [My friend] has had nothing but great things to say about the experience she, [and her daughters] have all encountered. I can't wait to become a part of it and [my daughter] is chomping at the bit! Again, Thank you for offering what you do to these kids - That's what it's all about!!!!!!

I am very proud to be part of an organization that takes such pride not only in our children and their accomplishments, but also in the knowledge that they achieve what they do with integrity and grace. Our kids are some of the most sportsmanlike kids at all of the competitions that we go to. They will cheer and congratulate good dances and they are unconcerned with what studio they are from. They acknowledge hard work and dedication no matter the source. They encourage each other and friendships are forged that will last long after dance is done. Thanks again for everything.

We are soooo glad that we have switched to Dancers Edge and love it so much!!! [We] love everyone there. Your studio has such a family environment and it is so wonderful to be a part of such a loving group.

I am so proud of all of the dancers! The both of you, the choreographers, the teachers and staff all deserve a huge round of applause! Thank you for putting in the time with these girls. This [has been] a real confidence boost for the teams and for the girls individually. Thank you for helping to achieve that for [them]!

I am so proud of and excited for every one of our dancers at both studios! I think that we have surpassed all expectations and have many more wonderful things to come our way!!! I am continually surprised and delightfully stunned by how awesome, amazing, beautiful, amusing, gravity-defying, captivating, rhythm-busting, graceful, story-telling, chill-bump-spreading our choreography (and music) is!!! It is a tribute to each dancer, each choreographer, each teacher/instructor, each parent/grandparent that gives their all!!!? Dancers Edge is on the Edge of the dance world....we are climbing to the TOP!!!

[My child] took dance over the Summer at High Point University, and began again this past week. After class this past Wednesday, [the instructor] came up to me and said "what has [your child] been doing? He is turning into quite a little tapper!" In addition, I was speaking this past week with a gal that teaches dance at WSSU. She couldn't say enough positive comments about Kentrell. All I know is as we move about the triad only positive things are being said about Dancers Edge. That makes us proud. And having grown up professionally ...."measurable outcomes" are very important to me. When a university professor says she sees marked improvement in [my child’s] performance in only five weeks of instruction....I'm impressed. Bravo!

We are all very proud of ours dancers and can see how much they have grown… what a group to be proud of! When you listen to people [around you] … and [complete strangers] approach you to say they have never seen anything like it … and [people] just sit there with their mouths open … and [the dancing] brings tears to even adult men … that says it all!! It doesn't get much better!

You [both] are such an inspiration and wonderful role models!! We are looking forward to a fun, challenging and exciting year! SD Congratulations on a super competition! I'm personally proud of what Dancers Edge did and particularly how [my child] has developed and become a part of the dance team. You and the rest of the dance instructors ought to be applauded for all you've done this past year. Again, congratulations.

This year has been a very positive and enjoyable experience for [my daughters]. We are very proud of them and what they have learned from being at your studio.

I just wanted to tell you Congratulations on a wonderfully successful Competition Season. Dancers Edge has done so well and we are so proud of everyone. We love you guys and feel so fortunate to be involved in a studio that has a genuine care and concern for all of its members. Thank you for making us feel valued. It is so comforting to know that my children are in an environment where they are loved and supported, not just by the staff and instructors but by other parents, also. We love the family atmosphere and can't imagine ever being anywhere else. Thanks for all that you have done!

I am SO proud of all of our dancers! I hope that you all know how grateful we are for doing such a superb and caring job for our kids!! Dancers Edge is AWESOME and AMAZING and we have only just begun! It is so wonderful to watch the dancers perform and see how much fun they are having, and how happy they are when they are all together! It's also fun to watch the parents having fun...taking it all in! This is what life is about...enjoying our families and friends, having fun, hard work, good music, and great dancing! We are so honored and proud to be a part of Dancers Edge...to be a part of the family. Thanks to all of you. Blessings,

[Our daughter] loves her new dance classes and dance studio. She thinks Miss Cathy-Lee is awesome! Thanks again for making her feel so welcome! Cathy-Lee and all of your staff and parents have been so very nice to her and our family! Thanks again!

The Show was fabulous - you guys did a wonderful job and I am proud to be associated with Dancers Edge. It has touched my heart in ways that you will never be able to imagine and I will treasure these memories forever. Y’all are special to me, and such a huge part of my daughter’s lives. I want each of you to know and understand that you never need to question your accomplishments on earth or wonder what you put here for...you put joy and happiness into the lives of children and you help to shape young people into young adults. You have helped to bring my children and my grandchild out of their shells and I have watched them open up and blossom under the tutelage of the instructors at the studio. I can't imagine a more positive environment for my children to be in and I want each of you to understand that you reach down and communicate with these kids and teach them lessons in ways that they don't even realize that they are learning. I thank you for that as well. I think that you guys are an important part of who my girls are becoming and like who they are. I know that thank you is an insignificant expression of gratitude in relation to all that you have done for my family, but please know it is given openly, freely and from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks for being an excellent role model for my daughter. She thinks the sun rises and sets in Miss Cathy-Lee. It makes me so proud to see my daughter happy and developing socially. The recital was amazing. “Butterfly Kisses” made my very macho husband cry. He hopes one day he will have a chance to do something like that with our daughter. I have only seen him cry at the children's births, so that was amazing. Thank you so very much. I look forward to our family's future with Dancers Edge.

WAY TO GO!!! What an outstanding job you guys did this weekend. Not only am I proud of my girls but am proud to say that they are part of such an awesome team and have such good friends to dance with! Keep up the good work.

I just wanted to tell you how much it meant to me when you presented my granddaughter with a special award. I have never been so proud of her. Making the decision for her to be a part of Dancers Edge has been a very rewarding experience. She loves to dance and she loves being a part of the Dancers Edge Family. And I feel the same way! Thanks again,

When my daughter and I first came to Dancers Edge from another studio, we had become all but disenchanted with the idea of dancing competitively. We were not quite sure what to expect from the studio that was owned by “the cheerleader”. What we have found is an environment where children can thrive. This is a place where children learn how to be confident, courageous and part of a team. The teachers and staff have an amazing talent for bringing out the best that each child has to offer. They nurture what they see and in the end are left with young ladies and young men who are not only great performers, but who have also learned the true meaning of being part of something bigger than themselves. I really feel as though I play a part in creating the person that I see my daughter becoming, because we were fortunate enough to walk into Dancers Edge. All of you are part of our extended family and we can’t imagine going anywhere else to dance. Thank you for all that you have done - continue to do - for all of my daughters! Their lives will be better because of what they learn from you guys.

Dancer's Edge has been a true blessing to my girls and me this year. My 15 year old daughter has danced for eight years and my youngest has danced for six years. We had a bad experience at our old dance studio, and their self-esteem was getting low. Then we met Cathy-Lee, one-on-one. The girls loved her from that moment on. We were instantly made to feel like family. I had never had an instructor say "call me anytime." I had never had anyone to tell me "call me if you need anything at all”. The girls and I have always felt welcome and now they love to dance again. The girls love you being a part of their lives. With True Appreciation and Thanks,

Dancers Edge has provided a super-friendly atmosphere for my daughter. We have been with the studio for only a year, but what a difference a year makes! Our family has been involved with other dance studios in Michigan and North Carolina over the past fifteen years, and Dancers Edge is the most welcoming, up-to-date, talent-laden studio by far! The teachers are skilled and friendly – giving students a creative and challenging dance structure! There is zero pressure for the students and parents involved, the studio does not have a “win at all costs” attitude, and no bad attitudes are allowed! I am proud that my daughter is a student at Dancers Edge! She will grow and learn, while becoming a better dancer and well-rounded person thanks to the studio. A fun atmosphere is very important to me, and the Dancers Edge family has made us feel very involved and welcome! Thank you!

I just want to tell you how very indebted my entire family is to both of you. I watched my oldest daughter, and was so happy. She is so relaxed and has so much fun. Even when she messes up now, she comes off stage laughing. What a change! And, my youngest daughter absolutely loves to dance and is continually dancing around the house. I want to thank you for instilling the love of dance in my children, but most of all for taking such good care of them. You have helped them to develop self-esteem and confidence (though I don't think the youngest one needed any help with that) but most importantly you make them feel special, as you do with everyone of the students a Dancers Edge. Thank you for everything!

I wanted to tell you that the recital was awesome as far as planning. In all of the years of dancing with various studios, we have never had any recital run as smoothly!

If you have a comment you would like to share about your experience with Dancers Edge, please email us here.

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